Sunday, 25 June 2017

Search and rescue

The  bell goes, we’re running looking for a hiding spot. I found a hiding spot that would hide all of us. I told my group they're coming, get in.  We heard them lumbering straight toward us, leaves crunching, water sploshing, and then they turned away. 

Ok we’re good for now. They kept on tricking us, sending beeps through the radio. I was thinking to myself hide the signal as I didn't want them to find us. I didn't hide the signal in time, it's too late, Luca came up the bank, looked at us for a couple of seconds and then yelled “I found them!”  I was a bit annoyed at the end but it was really fun, and I still wish I could do it again.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


He has his two stone like horns, a smooth scaly head that comes with a 3 metre long body and a tail that is 2 meters long. 

He yells the valley into oblivion, groans like a beast when he gets really mad!!! He breathes fire turning the sky red hot. His accent is foss row da. He sounds mad and makes noises like a dinosaur.

He’s ready to kill you in one shot. He lives in hell the dragons. He hangs out with is Aldwin and Skykiller.

The other dragons think he’s  cool. He wishes he could fly because he is a speed stinger. He lives in a rocky terrain.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Travis wetland

Today we went to Travis Wetland and this is Quackles. He is a duck I named. The part I enjoyed the most was seeing a skink chilling underneath a plant. Thanks for reading about my trip.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Riccarton Bush

Riccarton Bush just made me go wow!!! I didn't know that trees could form like this, it is AMAZING!!! I can't explain how it formed like this.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Stop killing endangered animals

Endangered animals 

Do you think the world would be a better place if people would stop killing endangered animals? If you think yes, would you help me save them? Hey it's a big job but somebody's gotta do it - right?

Australia, a barren landscape, is home to the Komodo dragon. Right now the Komodo dragon is really rare to see because almost all of them have swam to Komodo Island. One day me and my Dad visited Komodo Island.  We went past a poacher, he had a Komodo dragon heaved over his shoulder.  Is he protecting this species? No!

Back in New Zealand …. I was driving to Kaikoura. As we drove past a house I turned my head in shock because I saw a falcon - but not in the air -  on a pole! I gasped with surprise. How? No, no nooo! I cried out  “POACHERS”.

My journey is about to end here but what I have got one more example for you - the Tiger - a fearsome fighter - until you kill it! On the news ten tigers had been killed in India, bang, bang, bang by POACHERS! I  know it's fun to kill animals - hunters get a real thrill from it. But can we not kill endangered animals? 

The world would be a better place if we would stop killing endangered animals. When you grow up please be careful not to kill endangered animals.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stereotyping explanation

Stereotyping is to believe, think and say groups of people are the same even when they are not.  It is an unfair way of judging a person.

An example is Asians are bad drivers. I disagree because a lot of Asians can be good drivers. 

Another example is smart people wear glasses.  I disagree because a lot of people don’t wear glasses and they are smart.

Overall, stereotyping is an unfair way to judge people because of their culture and beliefs. It can hurt people on the inside. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Our camp moments

Beside the road kids, bikes, the instructor push themselves up the hillside while the bike struggles, clicking when the gears change and the wheels slip on the loose stones at the pump track.

Outside helmets, tight rope and children work together to go higher on the terrifying pine tree while kids worry, call out advice, and search for places to put their hands and feet amongst the branches. 

In the crisp air steaming hot water, small slides, big foam mats play together in the pools as kids splash each other, laugh, and get boiled like eggs from the steaming hot water at the hot pools. 

On field of grass - soccer ball, goals, lots of kids and adults kick the ball  into the goal keepers arms while everybody chucks the ball from the sideline, laughs when it hits someone's face and sprints to get the ball beside the playground.